Colorblind Mode, improved button handling and more

The colorblind mode is finally here, so you can truly play 12 orbits with anyone. This update comes with quite a few more changes:

  • Colorblind Mode
  • Dutch translation
  • All types of player buttons can now be remapped during any match
  • Improved gamepad support for menu navigation: Most kinds of gamepads will be identified automatically, and you can use the usual back / accept / pause buttons on them
  • You can use any gamepad buttons as player inputs, including the back and accept buttons. To start a new game, move your left analogue stick to the right (instead of pressing the accept button)
  • Hindi and Arabic are now displayed correctly, even if they are not supported by your operating system
  • Some minor bugfixes and graphical improvements

This is my first devlog entry on So if you downloaded the game at launch and haven't updated since, here are some of the main updates 12 orbits has received since launch:

  • 12 new languages (+ Dutch with today's update)
  • Twice as many maps
  • Team versions for the Arena and Trails modes
  • In all team modes, the players are separated into teams based on their main color
  • Improved input handling for touchscreens that cannot deal with many inputs at once

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