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In multiple occasions I have gathered whole families, who are otherwise not into gaming at all, with this simple yet fun game! Thank you very much!

i think i played this game on a nintendo switch 1 year ago

Quite possible, it's on there as well 🙂

my mom told me it was 2 years ago and that was the year i first got it

Great game! But please replace the digital icon cover, it looks so low effort & out of place in my library


Thank you, and done. You were right, I hope this one is an improvement.

Wow! Just what I needed for my Samsung SUR40 Perfect game for up to 12 people! I wish that I had more games like this. LOVE IT!

Thank you! 

Also I had no chance to test it on a big table myself, but it's good to know that it works as it should.

This is a fun game! I love easy to play, hard to master stuff. c: